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I have been badly neglecting this blog: Other than the post about Resource Points for Pathfinder (which was supposed to go live last August but apparently I did not schedule it properly), I haven’t posted anything in a very long time.

In the interest of building good habits, I thought I’d post a little about my current writing projects.


The first and most important is the story of Indigo, a seventeen year old girl who discovers her heritage and the magic that comes with it. I’m envisioning the novel as a sort of magical girl/wuxia mashup. Some who know me well think it’s a little odd for a guy like me to write magical girl YA, but the larger series will be better described as high fantasy with magical girls in it. The magical girls just seemed like the best place to start.

Tieflings at Every Level

As a Game Master for homebrew Pathfinder campaigns, I frequently find myself in need of stat blocks that just aren’t available–particularly since I tend to place a heavier emphasis on humanoid enemies than on monsters in my campaigns. My extensive use of Virtual Table Tops only compounds the problem with the way that they make improvisation so…inelegant. To this end, I’ve decided to build up a library of NPC stat blocks that I have what I need already at hand, whatever level the players happen to be. While I’m at it I figure I might as well publish what I produce, since I can’t possibly be the only GM who has this problem.

The tentatively named Tieflings at Every Level will be the first such collection I produce. My thinking is that the book will contain NPCs of three or four different class builds, specced out at all twenty levels, plus more powerful named NPCs and information on an organization that ties them all together and offers a number of adventure and campaign hooks, while being generic enough to fit in any campaign.

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