Townhouses on a City Street

Posted on August 11, 2015 By

At this point, most of my gaming happens on virtual tabletops which is an interesting challenge as I tend to be a “by the seat of the pants” sort of Dungeon Game Master. As it turns out, running games on virtual tabletops strongly favors those who plan ahead.

I’ve been experimenting with building my own maps with an eye toward building up a library of maps I can just drop into the campaign when I need them. This map is an example of what I’m coming up with. I’m afraid that it’s a simple cut and paste job done in Photoshop, though it doesn’t look too bad. This it a map of town-houses and alleys along a city street. You are welcome to use it in your own game, but please comment on how you are using it and what might make it (and future maps) better.

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